The Next ReelFlies® Website Chapter

by Steve B

Welcome to our new redesigned website. It's incredible how time flies, over a decade ago ReelFlies® (Part of Digital Barn Ltd.) was born. A family run business that has operated in Canada since 2003. Founded by a Scottish/Canadian fly fishing fanatic Steve B, and run by his amazing family. Wife Jennie, kids Hayley, Shaun, Kieran and Ceri, all of which have had an integral part in the growth of our business. Over the years our website has gone through many transitions, upgrades and improvements. Our latest website is nothing short of a game changer in the fishing fly industry. A ground up redesign, with easier navigation, state of art mobile compatibility and all new detailed fishing fly images. It has been a massive undertaking that has been in development for over a year, so we hope you like it.

A special thank you to my son Shaun (AKA ReelFlies® Webmaster), who has worked tirelessly into the early hours for months assisting in the development and back-end coding of our new site. You can now search for any fly by name or fly reference, even from your cell phone on our fully dynamic responsive multi-platform design. Our new custom Mega Menu lets you find flies fast, while breaking down each category into a one page array on desktop! It’s expandable dropdown menu on Cellphone and Tablets makes it easy for you to search for flies by name, colour, type, saltwater or freshwater. You even have a single click compare option on every fly making fly selection even simpler.  And when you complete your order you will have a printable list of all your flies with as small image of every fly purchased. Over the next weeks we will be adding over 300 new fly patterns which are part of our 2019 collection and many more accessories and fly tying materials. 

Thank you for shopping at ReelFlies

Tight lines

Steve B