Top Ten Flies for Winter Steelhead!

by Steve B

November Steelhead! the best month to target trophy Steelhead Trout!

As we head towards mid November, I guess like us, you are getting excited about hooking into some hard fighting Steelhead? This is absolutely our favourite time of the year. Fresh clear crisp air, vibrant fall colours and a bug free fly fishing environment!. Many rivers across Canada will see good numbers of chrome this year, including lots of our local waters, but it’s important to have the right gear and of course the right flies.

We often get asked which flies work best, so we decided to share some our personal favourites, these are the flies we use.

Here is a list of our top 10 flies for Winter Steelhead.

1: BH Golden Clown Egg - RF-3638

A deadly Glo Bug with Beadhead, this colour combination works great when the water temperatures drop. Dead drift this fly under a strike indicator with an upstream cast, mending frequently to avoid unnatural movement. Additional split-shot can be used, but keep them small.

2: Steelhead Seducer Nymph Orange - RF-5470

This award winning Steelhead fly took #3 place in the top five all-time best Steelhead flies at the New Fly Fisher TV Show!Top colours are Orange and Chartreuse, this is one trout nymph that should be in every winter Steelhead hunters fly box. See the video here: watch video.

3: ReelEgg Cluster Bomb Salmon Egg Fly - RF-7101

Without question one of the most realistic egg flies ever made. Forget killing fish for spawn, this artificial egg fly will do the job just as well. Tried and tested for a number of season and is our #1 selling egg fly imitation.

4: Psycho Stonefly Chartreuse - RF-1926

A Steelhead Stone fly like no other. This fly comes in a range of colours and is deadly for winter run Steelhead. Grab some when they are in stock as they always sell out!

5: ReelFlies Hares Ear Chartreuse - RF-5462

The ReelFlies Hares ear Nymph collection available in three colour variations is irresistible to cold water Steelhead. Dead drift this fly under a strike indicator with an upstream cast while mending to keep the flow rate smooth and slow.

6: BH Nuke Egg Pink Roe - RF-3641

Awarded as the #4 best ever Steelhead fly by The New Fly Fisher TV Show andpersonal favourite of our owner is the BH Nuke Eggs. See their video here: watch video. These are available in a variety of deadly colours and are weighted with a single bead. This provides a more realistic presentation than using split-shot. Fish light and slow under a small indicator so that subtle takes are not missed.

7: Glass Bead Ruffled Leech - RF-3654

One of our guides favourites! this fly is responsible for many a life time best fish and is incredible for both river and lake run Steelhead.

8: Steelhead Destroyer Nymph Pink - RF-5467

Another Signature Fly rom ReelFlies is our Steelhead Destroyer. Once again available in a variety of tempting colours an absolutely a go to fly for any serious Steelheader. The Steelhead Destroyer range is no joker when it comes to hooking up trophy Steelhead. This fly is available in a couple of colour variation, with and without a brass bead. In skinny water fish this fly without a bead with a light tipped. In faster flowing deeper conditions tie on the beaded variation for a natural presentation.

9: Glo Bug Cheese Roe - RF-3600

Simple and productive, the Glo Bug in a wide variety of colours is essential for all Steelhead trophy hunters, This top colours are Cheese and Roe.

10: BH Estaz Egg Orange - RF-7116

Finally the Estaz Egg fly, this is the perfect stained water egg and reflects light from every angle attracting fish on every drift.

The Top 10 Steelhead Flies! We hope this list helps when narrowing down what flies to pick. These are the flies that the ReelFlies Crew will be using on our next trip to the water.

Tight lines

Steve B


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